Garden Adventures Classes & Workshops

Classes start at 10 a.m. Our classes are free except where the $$ indicates a fee for materials. These $$ classes are hands-on so please register at least one week prior to the date, so we can have all the necessary material on hand.

Upcoming Classes & Events

March 14 $$ Container Gardening with Indoor Succulents

This class will be fun and informative. We will have a good selection of indoor succulent varieties to choose from. Jeff will be teaching this class. With knowledge as a plant grower, you will leave with good information regarding the care of your new plants. Our containers for this class will be from ‘The Papercrete Potter’-all recycled paper containers that are hardy enough for outdoor use. It will be a ‘Make and Take’ class. Pricing will be determined by the container you choose as well as the plants.


March 28 : Follow the Fragrance

We all love beautiful flowers in the garden, but adding fragrance brings out a whole new perspective. Join us as we explore the plants that you can enjoy, even with your eyes closed!


April 11 : Small Fruits

Delicious berries are everyone’s favorite, and even better if you’ve grown them yourself! Today you’ll learn everything you need to know for a successful harvest of your own. We’ll get your mouth watering with a discussion of variety selection, planting and culture of strawberries, blueberries, bramble crops and other small fruits.


April 25 & 26 : Azalea Festival

Please follow us on Facebook to get all the details as they become available.


May 9 : Garden Debut

Come see what’s new and exciting from the fastest growing plant brand in the gardening world, Garden Debut. Brian Hatfield from Greenleaf Nursery will be here to lead us on a journey to explore the future of exceptional new landscape plants.


May 23 : Woody Plant Propagation 101

Learn the basics of plant propagation by stem cuttings. We won’t go too deep here, just the basics to get you started. We will have everything on hand you will need to be successful.


June 6 : Floral Design – Grow Your Own Bouquet

The plants that are bringing beauty to your outside landscape can also provide you with beautiful bouquets for indoors. Learn about which plants are the best source of cut flowers and foliage and how to put together an eye-catching bouquet, as well as how to harvest them without damaging your landscape.

June 20 : Gardening for the Birds

On this day we are going to be talking about plants you can use in your garden to encourage our feathered friends to come and enjoy our space.


July 18 : Gardening for Bees and Butterflies

Would you like more bees and butterflies in your garden? We’ll talk about how to select plants to attract these fascinating insects as well as how to create the perfect habitat for them to thrive. Learn all about host and nectar producing plants and how to incorporate them in your landscape to create a delightful bee and butterfly sanctuary.


September 26 : New Perennial Varieties

It’s a great time to be planting perennials and we have a wonderful selection to choose from. Join us today as we showcase the latest varieties available and see why they deserve a spot in your landscape. We’ll also cover all the information you need to grow them successfully.


October 10 : Fall is for Planting

We want to let you in on what Horticulturalists have known for years, that fall is a great time for planting! You’ll learn why fall is an ideal time of year to plant, as well as tips and techniques for maximizing your success. We’ll also be highlighting some of our plants that are real showstoppers in the autumn landscape.


October 24 : Basic Pruning

Pruning your plants correctly can hugely affect the beauty of your landscape, but have you ever been unsure as to how best to go about it successfully? Join us to discuss basic pruning techniques, timing and tools. Correct pruning will enhance your plants’ beauty and overall health, so learn how to prune successfully today!


December 5 : $$ Holiday Wreath

We have done versions of this class every year, but it is one of those classes that never grows old. Again, this year the wreaths will focus on using cuttings from nature. Please register for this class so we are prepared with supplies. Fee is $30.00.


November 7 : $$ Essential Oils and Herbs

Preparing for cold and flu season. We started the 2015 year with a similar class. This will be a class geared toward being prepared with some great products that you can make and have on hand for the coming Winter. You need to register for this class. Fees to be announced.



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